Watching Mia and Olivia brought a smile as soon as I first received a set of photographs to choose from. 


Their lovely mum and my client, Merissa Rogers, saw one of my displays in a café in Australia and decided to commission the portraits as gift for both these absolutely lovely girls.


Manish Kumar was searching for a personalised gift idea for his little niece, which would be as unique as she is.


He ordered two portraits in different size and media.

Tatanka Iyotake, alternatively recognised as the Sitting Bull (1831-1890),  is a legendary figure in Native American history. He was a Hunkpapa Lakota medicine man as well as a holy man. He is famous in both American and Native American history mostly for his vision and leadership in orchestrating a  major victory at the Battle of Little Bighorn against the Custer. 

This portrait was made for an exhibition organised in Portland, Victoria (Australia) by the Rotary Club. I used charcoal media on an A2 size paper with rough texture.  

This pair of portraits was commissioned by Pallavi Pathak (Melbourne, Australia) on the occasion of Mother`s Day as a gift from a daughter to her mother. I was personally moved by her thoughtful gesture and gifted a complementary portrait of hers as a token of appreciation. 

Both these works are made on A3 size paper on charcoal medium.   

"Newborn" is special portrait, made on A3 size paper using graphite pencil. 

On one of the good days, I decided to gift it to Bendigo Hospital to display at their neonatal section. The work, I am advised, brought cheer on the faces of nursing staff there, a moment of contentment for me. 

Amity is adorable, and absolutely a treat to draw. Her mum, Bree Gillies got my reference from one of my earlier clients.


The main objective of this work was to bring Amity’s beautiful smile to greatest effect, and it is demonstrated in the artwork in form of the relaxed cheer of childhood and bright eyes.


The portrait is made on A3 size paper, using graphite pencils. This work was done while I was in Ukraine and was delivered to the client in Brisbane, Australia through post services.

Mark Stubbs had seen my work both through the website and mini exhibitions. When it came to plan for that memorable birthday surprise for his lovely wife Cheryl, he looked no further than commissioning a portrait.

It was important to bring out their unique personalities and character on the paper. Olivia, the younger one, is bit more on the naughtier side, as reflected in the facial features, quite literally “tongue in lips” moment with sparkle in her eyes. On the other hand, Mia, being the elder one is calm, and the portrait reflects it with a simple and elegant smile with assuring and soft angelic eyes.


Both these portraits were made on A3 size paper, using graphite pencil of multiple thicknesses. This work was done while I was in India and was delivered to the client in Brisbane, Australia through post services.

In her usual life, this beautiful little girl is quite active and naughty. She is usually found engaging in shenanigans that only get her more love. 

For the client, Manish, it was important to capture her moment of still, to highlight the innocence on this lovely child, before her active life takes over. In these portraits, her eyes can be seen immersed into inquisitiveness, and cheeks as well as lips following that stillness. Hair is nicely pulled upwards to project more of her face, giving a greater exposure to her moment of quite.

The portrait is about Cheryl and her handsome horse, Harry, and their very special bond. The client wanted to capture the essence of their relationship in action – confidence, trust, love and respect in each other. It is seen in the portrait in the form of Harry moving with confidence, trusting the direction he is heading into, while Cheryl looks relaxed in his company, with hands guiding Harry and a relaxed smile on her lips, showing the level of trust between them.


Realism is manifested in form of dark shades on clothes, gear and shadow from the cap which is hiding Cheryl’s eyes.


The portrait was made on A2 size paper, using charcoal cubes and powder. This work was done while I was in India and was delivered to the client in Bendigo, Australia through post services. Framing was organised by clients.

It is one of my earliest works and most adored and referenced by people. I tried to capture the reflection of an unadulterated human being, the innocence and purity of a young soul. This purity can be seen in the eyes of this young girl, which is fearlessly and curiously looking at world, and her face, with a look of pleasant experience. 

The work was made using simple art materials, graphite pencil and uninhibited feelings of love on an A3 size paper.

Mixed Media                                                 Realistic Watercolor                                              Romantic Watercolor


Here are presented three styles of watercolor portrait. The portraits are from my personal collection which I have exhibited at various events. 

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” I followed his words a long time back, and took up art as profession.


As like thousands and thousands of fans, I adore Robin Williams. I believe he is an inspiration. Anyway, just out of my interest and pleasure, I finished this work on his birthday, and obviously without the need of saying, dedicated it to Mr. Williams.


The portrait is made on A3 size paper, using graphite pencils. This work was done while I was in Ukraine and watched his clips on YouTube. 


Happy days.

Nothing more lasting than a gift which is hand crafted, thread by thread and made with love, 

just like someone own.

The original of this work is displayed in the Old green bean café at Bendigo.

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